a portfolio


b. 1986, HK.

hello! i'm adithi (ah-dee-tee), from ntu school of art, design & media [ADM] pursuing a BA in Digital Filmmaking here in singapore. a left brained artist who specialises in photography (+ makeup/styling), but i also do filmmaking & design. 

equipment: i am familiar with both nikon and canon systems, but i primarily use nikon. i use a nikon d750 (+ kit and 35mm prime) with a nikon d3100 (+ kit and 35mm prime) solely as backup. i also use a canon ae-1 with a 50mm prime, but not a lot because of costs.

software: primarily use lightroom, premiere pro, photoshop and indesign. occasionally use illustrator.

photog exp.: freelanced between A levels and uni, shot for mostly families (portraits) and online stores (product shoots). was also a lead photographer in my junior college's photography club, having done sports, studio, portrait, product, event and ID photos.

contact: adithisurya@gmail.com 


ig – @yungyelo

youtube – ACID